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Sensible Housing Co-op Membership Process Explained

The membership process consists of two stages: your application and an interview. The whole process usually takes about a month, except when there are no vacancies.


The first step to membership is to fill out the application form.

CLICK Here to apply.

Please fill out the form, paying special attention as to what you feel you could bring the co-op as a member, and why you would like to join us.

The Interview

Once you’ve applied and your application has been checked, you will be invited for an interview. This takes place at the Sensible Housing Co-op office. You’ll be interviewed by current members of the coop.  The purpose of this interview is to ascertain a person’s suitability to the co-op. We will consider your attitude to living in a co-operative community and your willingness to contribute to the co-op as a whole. If you are selected at this initial stage, we will then get in touch to arrange a viewing.
If you’re selected, you are expected to commence your tenancy within two weeks; once you’ve started your tenancy you will become a full co-op member.

Who should apply?

Sensible Housing Co-operative invites applicants from all sectors of the community regardless of gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or health status, who:

  • Are over the age of 18.
  • Wish to live in a co-operative environment.

What Are We?

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Who Are We?

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